Grand Canyon State(Arizona) Appeared Dinosaurs In November

This time, Gengu Animatronic Dinosaurs are coming to Arizona, the grand opening will be on Nov 24th.  Due to it is an almost 3000 square meters indoor exhibition, so before production we must calculate and design the layout accurately in order to display the exhibits at proper locations. The sizes and range of the movements have to be suitable for the site. Look forward to the complete layout effect with nice decorations.

There are more than 50 life size animatronic dinosaurs and related products & toys; such as animatronic dinosaurs, dinosaur costumes, dinosaur skeletons, walking dinosaur rides ect. LOOK at these kids, they really enjoy riding these Triceratops and have fun with those vivid Dinosaurs!

We are always adhering to the business philosophy of "integrity, innovation, excellence, profession" and provide special specifications needed by professional customized service to satisfy the actual needs of customers. We aim to design and make museum quality of dinosaurs for our customers, and teach them professional operation and maintenance skills to liberate them from worries for the permanent exhibitions.

If there are any further questions, Please contact us.

Many thanks for your attention;

Gengu Dinosaurs

  • Anthony Tamarco,:

    Really would like to purchase your product



      We will inform dinosaur costumes price list to your mailbox. Please check it.

  • Mary King, American:

    Price of T-Rex (#GH1953)  need it installed n grsons bedroom ( Birthday Present)



      Thanks for your inquiry. Our salesman will contact you soon. Please notice your mailbox.

  • Rob, British:

    Hi, could you give me a quote for the T. rex please ?



      Quotation Sent, please check your mailbox.

  • A Davidson, Uk:

    Hello, I am looking to purchase one of your animatronic T-Rex costumes #GG 1965  would like to know what price it would be? Delivery would be to the UK



      OK,Our sales will contact you via business email as soon as possible.

  • Rebecca Lamar, Usa:

    Quote for velociraptor costume



      Hi Rebecca, the emails I sent to you were always returned to me by some reason I don't know.could you please give me another email address so that I can let you know the information asap.Or you can contact me directly at Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

  • Jessica Langenburg,:

    Was wondering how much the raptor was  the sizes available thanks



      We'll email the price list. All details also be included.

  • Eli Sefer, USA:

    How can I get my hs on one of your dinosaur costumes? How much would it be?



      We'll email dinosaur costume cost. All details also be included.

  • Jennifer, American:

    Quote on dinosaur costume please



      OK, The quotation will be offered by email later, please note to check!

  • victor hugo velasquez zea, peru:

    solicito cotizacion de todos los modelos de disfraces que tienen en stock,,,



      Good day, Victor! Lee will contact you via business email and send you all the details.

  • Luke, Engl:

    Quote for triceras walking rise  the costume



      Our sales will send you further information via business email asap. Please kindly note to check!

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