Animatronic Animal Exhibition in Seoul

Over 1.5 million living animal species have been described, of which around 1 million are insects, but it has been estimated there are over 7 million animal species in total. Animals have complex interactions with each other and their environments, forming intricate food webs. This is why people always like to observe and research animals.

In 2012, A big indoor animatronic animal exhibition is on display in Seoul, Korea and they held a grand opening ceremony iDecember. More than 30 pieces different kinds of animatronic African animals appeared in downtown AT Center, Seoul’s most favored cultural and recreational venue consists of exhibition and conference spaces. This animal exhibition include 2 exhibition halls, total of 8047 sqm. (382 booths).

Highlights of this animal exhibition featured include tall mammal and giraffe; the rarely seen giant squid; a magnificent bull, with its heart five times the size of a human’s; and a reindeer, with hooves that adapt to the changing seasons and so many others. The exhibition is divided into many areas to give visitors an in-depth look at animals from a rarely seen perspective.

To make these animals more vivid, the life-size animals are all animatronic with lifelike movements includes mouth open and close synchronized with sound, eyes blink, neck forward and back, forelimbs move, head move, stomach breathing and tail sway. Visitors can easily interact with these animals and definitely shock by their soft silicone skin.

Because it is an indoor animatronic animal exhibition, so before the production we must calculate and design the layout accurately in order to display the animatronic animal exhibits at proper locations. We also had a deep discussion and a variety of design about the sizes and placement of the animatronic animals to make sure the sizes and range of the movements have to be suitable and good-looking for the site. From the photos and complete layout effect with nice decorations looked so fantastic and shocking.

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