Jeju Island - South Korea

 Jeju Island (Jeju-do) is an island in Jeju Province, South Korea. The island lies in the Korea Strait, south of South Jeolla Province. Jeju is a popular holiday destination.

  This project came from our Korean regular customers. They were preparing to open a large outdoor animal-themed park in Jeju, South Korea. The area of the project is very huge. The outdoor area is mainly used for various animatronic animal models. People can visit a wide variety of animal models, and it also provides entertainment equipment for children, like riding on a walking dinosaur or animal ride, interact with staffs wearing dinosaur costumes. This is a great place for families who are visiting Jeju Island. 

  So let's talk about the products of this project. There are a lot of our products in this order. More than 40 pieces different kinds of animatronic animals with different movements appeared in this park, like Elephant, zebra, sheep, chimpanzee, polar bear, crocodile, rhino, cow, horse, giraffe, sheep, owl etc. About 13 pieces different kinds of Walking Dinosaur Rides & slidable animal Rides and one Dilophosaurus Rides with ladder & safety belt are the entertainment interactive equipments for the children. Two dinosaur costumes are for the dinosaur live show. There are also many custom products in it, like dinosaur themed train with the fence, dinosaur fossil digging, talking trees.

  At last, we are glad to discuss every detail of the Animatronic Animals and all kinds of custom products with you. leave us a message! We will give you the most valuable feedback.

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