Animatronic Animals

Animatronic Animals


The Animatronic Animals For Sale by Gengutech produces as per the real proportion and features, which combine scientific investigation, advanced animatronic technology and fine artwork. Artificial furs, silicone rubber, high density foam and hand-weaved fibers covered the steel frame structures of these lifelike animal robots and models. 

Animatronic Animals Application

Animatronic animals are used for photographic props, museum displays, ecological park furnishings, zoo props, hotel displays, exhibition halls, etc. It has a wide range of uses, and can be used as a model for film and television animals and a representative model for variety shows.

Do You Want to Choose the Best Animatronic Animals Supplier?

Gengutech has various high quality animatronic animals for sale, Gengutech is one of the most professional animatronic animals manufacturers and suppliers in China, specialized in providing the best customized service. Please feel free to buy high quality animatronic animals for sale here from our factory. 

We aim to restore the real creatures, not only the body shapes but also the colors and any other details of an animal. Get the latest price of the educational and ornamental realistic robotic animals for parks, restaurants, museums, events,and shopping centers. 

We have many types of animatronic animals for sale, such as jungle animals, prehistorical animals, insects, and birds. Also, Gengu Dinosaurs Tech provides custom service, all life-size robotic animals support global shipment!

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Design Advantage

Factory Advantage

Technological Advantage

After-sales Advantage

On-site investigation: Use cameras and drones for multi-angle site shooting, and sketch design for key scenes at the same time.

Scene layout: Use pictures to show the local scene design of the project, and use 3D video to show the overall plan of the project.

Product design: According to customer needs, we can design all kinds of products with different shapes.

Art direction: Long-term employment of American art design experts resident guidance.

1. 220 employees

2. The factory area is 80,000 square meters (40,000 square meters has been completed and 40,000 square meters are under construction)

3. Have a large number of 3D printers, 3D engraving machines and other modern machines

4. Named as a key national cultural export enterprise

5. Reported by China International Television CGTN, CCTV Record Channel, Hong Kong South China Morning Post SCMP, Qatar’s Al Jazeera TV and many other authoritative media at home and abroad.

1. Possess 16 utility model patents and 11 software patents.

2. Since 2015, we have started to develop and use brushless motor drive mode and 3D printing modeling and leather making technology.

3. Was rated as a high-tech enterprise and a "specialized, special and new" small and medium-sized enterprise in Sichuan Province.

1. After-sales personnel have been stationed in America, Europe and Asia for a long time and have rich installation and after-sales experience.

2. Regularly carry out new technology skills training to ensure that all faults are handled professionally.

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