Hertfordshire - UK

This Christmas in 2017, it's a bit different. Because a mysterious dinosaur park is under construction in Hertfordshire, England!


In late December, Gengu Dinosaurs’ installation team brought more than 40 pieces animatronic dinosaurs to this park.


This is the first cooperation with this customers. Through some channels, they heard Gengu Dinosaurs is very competitive and strong strength in animatronic dinosaur field before; And after conducting a field visit to our company and comparison of other companies. They thought Gengu Dinosaurs deserves that reputation and gave us highly complimentary on company strength, technology, service and so on. And even in the animatronic dinosaur manufacturing factories, we have already reached some agreements!


Through continuous information exchange on emails, Skype and other online communication tools, We constantly improved the project and details including the dinosaur type, action patterns, quantity, size, freight and other important things. According to customer’s request, they wanted well known and life-size dinosaurs. After the discussion and our recommendation, they chose animatronic Tyrannosaurus, Stegosaurus, Allosaurus, Carnotaurus, Brachiosaurus, velociraptor, Oviraptor, Triceratops, Spinosaurus, Plesiosaurus, Dilophosaurus and others. From the photos, you can see the biggest T-rex is 15 meters long, 5 meters high; And the largest dinosaur is certainly Brachiosaurus, which is over 25meters long, 10 meters high!


In the winter of Hertfordshire, the bad weather has brought us a lot of trouble. In the process of installation, we met with varying degrees of rainfall and snowing. Our installation team and local installation team pull together and overcame these difficulties. Finally, we finished the installation plan on time. In this hard environment, everyone had left a deep memory and friendship. The customers also highly praised us and invited our team members to watch a football match and Christmas dinner together. In such bad weather conditions, not only our team members have stood the test, but our animatronic dinosaurs are also the same, there is no problem in the installation process all the time.


Our team leader said: This is what we should do. We Gengu Dinosaurs have always been the benchmark for the animatronic dinosaur industry. Since our customers have chosen us, we must be worthy of this trust!


This dinosaur park will open in February next year. We are very excited to see those animatronic dinosaurs’ big show in this park and we welcome all to visit our animatronic Models!


If there are any further questions or you are interested in our animatronic models, Please feel free to contact us!

Many thanks for your attention;

Gengu Dinosaurs

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