Dinosaur World Projects


       In 2016, Our American customers wanted to host a grand dinosaur exhibition in the US. So they came to Gnegu dinosaurs bought more than 10 animatronic dinosaurs and dinosaur skeleton replicas to display. Those life-size animatronic dinosaurs and realistic dinosaur skeleton replicas attracted a large number of adults, children and dinosaur fans to visit, all of them gave a high evaluation of this dinosaur exhibition.

  In 2018, this customer had a cooperation with a museum in Hungary. So they transported those animatronic dinosaurs and dinosaur skeleton replicas from the United States to Hungary. And they wanted us to come to Hungary and help to reinstall those animatronic dinosaurs and dinosaur skeleton replicas. We are definitely very glad to serve our customers.

  Re-installation is one of our After-sale Service. Since many of our customers host this kind of world tour dinosaur exhibition, which requires our products are easy to install and disassemble. From the pictures, you can find the installation process is very simple and the quality of our products are also very reliable. In addition, we also provide repair service, accessory delivery service and more.

Furthermore, our animatronic dinosaurs have displayed more than 2 years in US, now they still look awesome in Hungary! I believe that the quality of our products will definitely impress you much. By the way, our products warranty period is two years. We are glad to discuss very details of Our Services with you. 

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