Dinosaur World Projects


In early June, The biggest animatronic dinosaur exhibition tour started to open in Malaysia. More than 20 pieces animatronic dinosaur exhibits appeared in Malaysia. And the professional actors will put on dinosaur costumes to bring everyone a live show and dinosaur parade.


In the last month, they held a Press Conference and let some dinosaurs met the fans and media. Then these dinosaurs went to some crowded places, like super malls, universities, kindergartens and even streets, to bring many live shows. With the release of Jurassic World 2, they also went to many cinemas to bring some interactive dinosaur performances.


We have been focusing on the Malaysian market for many years. This project belongs to one of our regular customer in Malaysia. In 2013, they bought some walking dinosaurs, dinosaur baby and dinosaur costumes from us. This time, they will start a dinosaur exhibition tour, so they need more and more dinosaur products than ever.


Through continuous communication, we constantly modified and improved the project and details including the dinosaur type, action patterns, quantity, size, transportation and other important things. According to customers request, they wanted highly processed and life-size dinosaurs and new generation dinosaur costumes. After the discussion and our recommendation, they bought animatronic dinosaurs, Dinosaur costumes, Walking dinosaur riders, Standing dinosaur riders, dinosaur skeleton, and other dinosaur facilities. From the photos, you can see 8m Tyrannosaurus, 15m Brachiosaurus and various types of dinosaur costumes.


Two of our installation staff went to Malaysia to help customer install and debug the equipment. Since this is a dinosaur exhibition tour, it is much frequent to disassemble and reinstall the dinosaurs, which proves that our animatronic dinosaurs are very easy to install and reliable. We are very excited to see these new custom-made animatronic dinosaur models in their park!

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