Dinosaur World Projects

Taiwan - China

  The latest popular science exhibition DINOLAB is opening in Taipei. It's different from traditional dinosaur exhibition, more like a dinosaur science museum. Organizer didn't make it with ancient and prehistoric style, designed and created futuristic decoration instead, trying to make a special experience of dino theme exhibition.

  We layout a 15m long animatronic T.rex in the center of exhibition hall, and we set up the a 360-degree corridor to around the T.rex so that visitors are able to view all details. Except animatronics, there are also kinds of dinosaur skeletons and fossil replicas, we decorated a series of interactive space and facilities, such as digging and cleaning fossils, dino health examining room,interactive dino babies and so on. We are trying to let visitors to learn knowledge of dinosaurs and its history as well as feel more fun of interactive experience in the exhibition.

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