Fiberglass Products

Fiberglass Products

Explore the Manufacturer of Fiberglass Dinosaurs

Gengu is committed to manufacturing high-quality animatronic dinosaurs. We have advanced manufacturing equipment and a technical team. Over the years, the company has focused on developing dinosaur models of various forms, and the series of products produced have been exported to more than 90 countries and have established a good reputation in the industry.

Fiberglass Dinosaurs Manufacturing Process

Gengu's design team consists of a group of experienced and creative professionals. We use the most advanced computer-aided design software to animate the appearance and movements of dinosaurs to ensure that each model has a realistic appearance and lifelike movements.

As a professional fiberglass dinosaur manufacturer, the company uses high-quality fiberglass materials for production. This material is not only light and durable, but also can be molded into various forms to meet the needs of different customers.

In the fiberglass dinosaur manufacturing process, the company uses a combination of advanced mold technology and hand-made production. First, the mold is made according to the design drawings, and then the fiberglass material is injected into the mold. After processing and painting, the dinosaur model is finally completed. In this process, every detail is carefully carved to ensure the quality and realism of the final product.

Gengu is a leader in the field of animatronic dinosaur models. We are committed to providing excellent quality products and professional services. With advanced technology and high-quality materials, our design team carefully creates realistic dinosaur models, which are widely used in theme parks, museums, and film and television production. We are constantly pursuing innovation to bring customers a more vivid and shocking dinosaur world. We will become your trusted Fiberglass Dinosaurs Manufacturer. Welcome to contact us and look forward to cooperating with you!

Design Advantage

Factory Advantage

Technological Advantage

After-sales Advantage

On-site investigation: Use cameras and drones for multi-angle site shooting, and sketch design for key scenes at the same time.

Scene layout: Use pictures to show the local scene design of the project, and use 3D video to show the overall plan of the project.

Product design: According to customer needs, we can design all kinds of products with different shapes.

Art direction: Long-term employment of American art design experts resident guidance.

1. 220 employees

2. The factory area is 80,000 square meters (40,000 square meters has been completed and 40,000 square meters are under construction)

3. Have a large number of 3D printers, 3D engraving machines and other modern machines

4. Named as a key national cultural export enterprise

5. Reported by China International Television CGTN, CCTV Record Channel, Hong Kong South China Morning Post SCMP, Qatar’s Al Jazeera TV and many other authoritative media at home and abroad.

1. Possess 16 utility model patents and 11 software patents.

2. Since 2015, we have started to develop and use brushless motor drive mode and 3D printing modeling and leather making technology.

3. Was rated as a high-tech enterprise and a "specialized, special and new" small and medium-sized enterprise in Sichuan Province.

1. After-sales personnel have been stationed in America, Europe and Asia for a long time and have rich installation and after-sales experience.

2. Regularly carry out new technology skills training to ensure that all faults are handled professionally.

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