High-end Animated Products

High-end Animated Products

Features of Animatronics Animals

Highly simulated

Realistic appearance: Gengu uses high-precision materials and processes to create models that look very similar to real animals.

Natural movement: Through precise mechanical structures and control systems, complex movements such as smooth and natural movement of animatronics animals are achieved.

Various interactions

Sound simulation: Animatronics animals have a built-in high-quality audio system to simulate animal calls and other sound effects.

Behavioral response: Through sensors and artificial intelligence technology, animatronics animals models can respond to the environment and user operations to increase interactivity.

Durability and safety

High durability: Durable materials and designs are used to ensure that the model can run for a long time and is not easily damaged.

Safety design: Considering the safety of use, all mechanical parts of animatronics animals are encapsulated and protected to avoid harm to users during use.

Modular design

Easy to maintain: Animatronics animals adopt a modular design, and each component can be disassembled and replaced separately, which is easy to maintain and repair.

Flexible upgrade: Different modules can be upgraded and replaced according to needs, such as adding new functions or improving existing functions to maintain the advanced nature of technology.

Personalized customization

Customized appearance: animatronics animals models of different types and appearances can be customized according to customer needs to meet the requirements of specific scenarios and uses.

Function customization: According to actual application needs, the model's movements, sounds and behavior patterns can be customized to achieve highly personalized performance.

Multiple power systems

Electric system: Driven by efficient motors, precise and quiet movements, suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor application environments.

Pneumatic system: Use pneumatic devices to drive large movements, suitable for scenes that require strong power, such as large animatronics animals models.

Sound and visual effects

High-fidelity audio: Built-in high-fidelity audio system, providing realistic animal calls and environmental sound effects to enhance the sense of reality.

Visual effects: Integrated visual effects such as LED lighting and projection to enhance the display effect, suitable for display at night or in specific scenarios.

Animatronics animals are high-tech products that combine electronic technology, mechanical engineering and computer control. These animatronic dinosaurs, animatronic animals and other models simulate the appearance, movement and sound of real animals through complex mechanical structures and advanced control systems, and are widely used in entertainment, education and scientific research.

Design Advantage

Factory Advantage

Technological Advantage

After-sales Advantage

On-site investigation: Use cameras and drones for multi-angle site shooting, and sketch design for key scenes at the same time.

Scene layout: Use pictures to show the local scene design of the project, and use 3D video to show the overall plan of the project.

Product design: According to customer needs, we can design all kinds of products with different shapes.

Art direction: Long-term employment of American art design experts resident guidance.

1. 220 employees

2. The factory area is 80,000 square meters (40,000 square meters has been completed and 40,000 square meters are under construction)

3. Have a large number of 3D printers, 3D engraving machines and other modern machines

4. Named as a key national cultural export enterprise

5. Reported by China International Television CGTN, CCTV Record Channel, Hong Kong South China Morning Post SCMP, Qatar’s Al Jazeera TV and many other authoritative media at home and abroad.

1. Possess 16 utility model patents and 11 software patents.

2. Since 2015, we have started to develop and use brushless motor drive mode and 3D printing modeling and leather making technology.

3. Was rated as a high-tech enterprise and a "specialized, special and new" small and medium-sized enterprise in Sichuan Province.

1. After-sales personnel have been stationed in America, Europe and Asia for a long time and have rich installation and after-sales experience.

2. Regularly carry out new technology skills training to ensure that all faults are handled professionally.

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