Outdoor Insects Exhibition in Izmir

In the summer of 2013, a big outdoor animatronic giant insect exhibition was on display in Izmir, Turkey. More than 40 pieces animatronic giant insects appeared in a animal and dinosaur park. This park transforms the outdoor landscape into a stunning visual spectacle of colorful, larger-than-life animatronic insects. The exaggerated size of these creatures shines a creative spotlight on their unique features, structures and appearances. From an 11.5 ft tall hornet and an 18 ft long honey bee, to a fluttering oversized monarch butterfly and a giant Madagascar hissing cockroach, visitors will delight in discovering the insect world. This park captures the most unusual and interesting aspects of the insect world.

This is our first project to cooperate with this customer on animatronic insects. They had bought our animatronic dinosaurs before. So this customer is very confident in our production standards. After combining customer needs and our professional advice, Soon we offer the overall park design and quotation plan. They are very impressed with this preliminary design plan, and after several consultations, we also reached a satisfactory quotation. Naturally, we reached an agreement on cooperation very soon.

In the summer of Izmir, the temperature is very high and dry. The high temperature brought a lot of trouble to our installation and construction. While our installation team completed the construction safely and our animatronic insects are functioned well. We are very thankful to our customers for giving us the most powerful support.

At present, this animal park is open to the public, and everyone is welcomed to visit and play at any time. 

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