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Triceratops Costume(DC-36)


Color:Any color is available.

Size:4m to 5m in length, the height of costume can be customized from 1.7m to 2.2m according to the performer's height(1.65m to 2.1m).

Payment:Credit Card,L/C,T/T,Western Union.

Min.Order Quantity: 1 Set.

Lead time:15-30 days or depends on order quantity after payment.

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Product Description

Sound:There are five different roaring and breathing sounds, which can be changed according to different performance.

Movements: 1. Mouth open and close synchronized with sound. 2.Eyes blinking automatically. 3.Tails waggling when running and walking.
4. Head moving flexibly(nodding, wiggling,looking up and down-left to right,etc.).

Net Weight: 18kg.

Gross weight(including the wooden case):About 100kg.


Power:Attraction and promotion. (amusement park, theme park, museum, playground, city plaza, shopping mall and other indoor/outdoor venues.)

Plug:110/220V, AC, 200-800W.

Update Features

Light weight:It is improved frame structure, quite different material of skin, making the weight lighter at least 10kg.

Flexibility: The head movements are more vivid and flexible. Performers can wear it much longer than they used to, and do more interaction with the audience. up and down-left to right,etc.), tails waggling when running and walking, etc.

Lifelike color: The skin of the new material can be designed and processed more realistic and vivid.

More functions:The new type dinosaur costume has two additional function: Water spray & smoke spray.

Advanced material: The skin will be more durable, breathable, environmental without any peculiar smell.


All material and accessory suppliers have been checked by our purchasing department. They all have the necessary corresponding certificates, such as CE, UL, ISO9001:2008, and reached excellent environmental protecting standards.

Staninless Steel
High-tech Light Composite Material
High Density Foam


Packing: Bubble bags protect dinosaurs from damaging. PP film fix the bubble bags. Each dinosaur will be packed carefully and focus on protecting eyes and mouth.

Shipping: Chongqing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Qingdao, Guangzhou,etc. We accept land, air, sea transport and international multimodal transport.

Clearance: We are the first and most professional dinosaur, realistic dinosaur costume export factory. We have experience of  Europe, South Africa,East and South Asia, Australia, North America, South America, and so on. Main countries include the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada,Brazil, Argentina, Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, Russia, Thailand, the UAE, Poland, Spain, Germany, Croatia, etc.


  • Mechanical design

    We make a mechanical design for every dinosaur, providing them with a good frame. This makes sure that their air flows and other moving parts can operate without friction, massively improving the service life!

  • Dino posture & color Design

    We design dinosaur postures, detailed features and colors before production begins. This ensures you get exactly what you want.

  • Graphic Design

    You provide us photos and plans, we get back to you an entire dinosaur exhibition!

  • Exhibition Details Design

    Exquisite details design show to customer the final exhibition scene.  We also provide plan design, dino facts design, advertisement design, etc.

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