Ocean World in Brisbane

When people talk about ocean animals, what is your impression? Is that scary great white shark in the movie Jaws? Or some beautiful but mysterious deep sea creatures? While all life on our planet depends on the oceans, especially those animals who live in the sea. They are mysterious, so they are attractive.

On June 8, 2016, a new sea animal exhibition show on the most unexplored part of the planet in Brisbane, Australia. More than 30 pieces animatronic giant sea animals appeared in a huge indoor and outdoor exhibition park. These big creatures of the deep surprised all the tourists. And they offer visitors a variety of opportunities to get close and personal with some of the worlds most intriguing sea creatures.

You can stroll by stunning animatronic models of whales and sharks; Discover the myths and creatures, such as the Kraken, that have haunted sailors for generations as you wander through outside exhibits. Immerse yourself in the deep sea with animals such as the gulper eel or the angler fish that survive frigid temperatures and darkness. Experience underwater ecosystems and surface-dwelling animals thriving on small rays of sunshine as you move closer to the surface of the ocean.

These creatures of the deep vary in size, most of them are from 0.5m to 30m long, and some are much bigger. Their actions are also very realistic include mouth open and close synchronized with sound, eyes blink, neck forward and back, forelimbs move, head move, stomach breathing, tail sway and etc. Visitors can easily interact with these animals and definitely shock by their soft silicone skin.



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