Dinosaur Costumes

Dinosaur Costumes


Our latest generation of dinosaur costume is consist of light weight mechanical structure and high-tech light composite material skins, the skin is more durable, breathable, environmental without any peculiar smell. 

It's manual manipulation, there is a cooling fan in the rear to cool down the temperature inside, a camera in the chest for the performer to see the outside. The total weight of our dinosaur costume is about 18kg. The dinosaur costume can be used in a number of ways, such as parties, exhibitions, events, theme parks, museums, etc. 

Advantages and Features

Here are some potential advantages and features to consider highlighting:

1. Realistic appearance: 

The high-tech light composite material skins used in your dinosaur costume provide a realistic and authentic appearance, which is ideal for creating an immersive and engaging experience for guests at exhibitions, events, theme parks, and museums. This can help increase engagement and enjoyment, and potentially lead to increased sales or repeat visits.

2. Lightweight and comfortable: 

At only 18kg, your dinosaur costume is significantly lighter than many other animatronic exhibits, making it more comfortable for performers to wear for extended periods of time. This can help reduce fatigue and discomfort, which can lead to improved performance and a better overall experience for guests.

3. Durable and breathable: 

The use of high-tech composite materials in the skin of your dinosaur costume makes it more durable and resistant to wear and tear, while also allowing for improved breathability. This can help ensure that your costume remains in good condition over time, even with frequent use.

4. Manual manipulation: 

The fact that your dinosaur costume is manually manipulated rather than automated can be an advantage in certain contexts, as it allows for greater flexibility and adaptability to different situations. For example, performers can more easily interact with guests and adjust their movements in response to changing conditions.

5. Cooling fan: 

The inclusion of a cooling fan in the rear of the costume can help keep performers cool and comfortable, even in hot or humid conditions. This can be particularly important for events or exhibitions held outdoors, where temperatures can rise quickly.

6. Built-in camera: 

The camera in the chest of the costume allows performers to see the outside world, making it easier to navigate and interact with guests. This can help improve the overall quality of the performance, and potentially lead to better reviews and increased bookings.

7. Versatile use: 

Your dinosaur costume can be used in a variety of settings, from parties and events to exhibitions and museums. This versatility can help increase the potential market for your product, and make it easier to generate consistent revenue over time.

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Design Advantage

Factory Advantage

Technological Advantage

After-sales Advantage

On-site investigation: Use cameras and drones for multi-angle site shooting, and sketch design for key scenes at the same time.

Scene layout: Use pictures to show the local scene design of the project, and use 3D video to show the overall plan of the project.

Product design: According to customer needs, we can design all kinds of products with different shapes.

Art direction: Long-term employment of American art design experts resident guidance.

1. 220 employees

2. The factory area is 80,000 square meters (40,000 square meters has been completed and 40,000 square meters are under construction)

3. Have a large number of 3D printers, 3D engraving machines and other modern machines

4. Named as a key national cultural export enterprise

5. Reported by China International Television CGTN, CCTV Record Channel, Hong Kong South China Morning Post SCMP, Qatar’s Al Jazeera TV and many other authoritative media at home and abroad.

1. Possess 16 utility model patents and 11 software patents.

2. Since 2015, we have started to develop and use brushless motor drive mode and 3D printing modeling and leather making technology.

3. Was rated as a high-tech enterprise and a "specialized, special and new" small and medium-sized enterprise in Sichuan Province.

1. After-sales personnel have been stationed in America, Europe and Asia for a long time and have rich installation and after-sales experience.

2. Regularly carry out new technology skills training to ensure that all faults are handled professionally.

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