Our Advantages of Adult Realistic Dinosaur Costume

1. Light weight: It is an improved frame structure with completely different skin materials, making the weight at least 10kg lighter.
2. Flexibility: head movements are more vivid and flexible. Performers can wear longer than before and interact more with the audience.
3. Vivid color: The skin made of new materials can be designed and processed manually to be more realistic and vivid.
4. More functions: The new dinosaur clothing has two additional functions: water spray and smoke spray.
5. Advanced materials: skin will be more durable, breathable, environmentally friendly, and free from any odor.

Customized Service of Realistic Dinosaur Costume

1. Materials: stainless steel (newly improved structure, lightweight and flexible), high-tech lightweight composite materials (customized materials, lightweight and environment-friendly, making the skin more lifelike and odor free)
2. Sound: There are five different roaring and breathing sounds, which can be changed according to different performance.
3. Movement: The eyes blink automatically, the mouth opens and closes synchronously with the sound, the head moves flexibly (nods, swings, looks up and down - from left to right, etc.), and the tail swings when running and walking.
4. Additional functions: water spray and smoke spray.
5. Type: Hidden leg or not.
6. Net weight: 18 kg. Gross weight (including wooden case): about 100kg
7. Size: The length is 4m to 5m, and the height of clothing can be customized from 1.7m to 2.2m according to the performer's height (1.65m to 2.1m).
8. Color: Any customized color is acceptable.

Application of Realistic Dinosaur Costume

Attractions and decorations of outdoor or indoor parks, museums, movie centers, city squares, shopping centers.

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